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Les Deglingos Original Pikos the Hedgehog

Unique, tactile and fun! Are you looking for a soft toy range that is different & made to the height quality then the Les deglingos range is for you. Sitting height is 22cm, is washable and suitable from birth.

Meet Pikos the Hedgehog ......

Pikos the Hedgehog from the Déglingos® Original range of quirky soft animals. 'How do you like my coloured spikes? Très fantasticos, no?

I love them too, but I need my fellow Déglingos to keep them looking fabulous for me, as I can't reach them! Maybe you could help too? Just ruffle them and they fall into place. Thanks amigos!'

Déglingos® (de-GLING-goes): common noun. Animalos molto funnios and muy crazios. A unique species of contagiously quirky animals, the Déglingos® speak their own language which consists of finishing many words with 'os'. They all hope to win the upcoming Déglingos® Idol competition and can be found living in the best shops in town. They are currently 'rehearsaling' their first song and hope it will come out soon.

'Frenchos', Laurent Manceron from Nantes, came up with this amusing range of characters after being impressed by a bizarre home-made creature that his Granny-in-law had knitted for his wife. Over 50 different kinds of fabrics, such as fat-ribbed corduroy and hessian, and strings of varying colours have been used to create the collection. The finishing details and construction preoccupy the team on a day to day basis. All Déglingos® products have been manufactured with the highest quality and finishing in mind. They have been tested in one of the most recognised laboratories in the world and comply with EN71 European regulations which guarantee a high level of security.

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