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Brand: Pintoy
Product Code: 60.03525
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This excellent wooden fire station is the perfect place for when things get smoky. This sturdy structure is safe, durable and made of outstanding quality wood.

The big red doors open up and is the right size for the bright red fire engine (not included) to fit through and up onto the built-on ramp to allow easy access into the station whilst fire-fighters can whizz down the fireman's pole.

This fire station opens up to allow more creative play and includes all the necessities such as a control console, bunk bed, table and chairs and a satellite dish to ensure everyone can be rescued from the flames!

Key Features:

Durable wooden material

Bright coloured wooden furniture

Opens up to allow more creative play

Fireman's pole and ramp included

Double door opens for fire engine to enter

 H: 56cm


L: 57cm


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