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Moover Dump Truck in Red or Natural

Moover brings high-end Danish design to a series of wooden toys created to encourage toddlers to explore the world around them in a fun and safe way.  It is distinctive for the unique way in which it blends traditional craftsmanship with bold, contemporary looks.

The Moover Toys Dump Truck is their  flagship vehicle. It helps the child explore and practice motor skills by turning and reversing the truck, as well as carrying essential items such as teddy and dolly.

For older children, they will gradually learn how to assemble and separate the Dump truck  thereby strengthening the construction and motor skills.

With the Dump Truck your child can explore and practice motor skills by turning and reversing the truck.  Additionally it can be used to transport various items.  When older your child can learn how to assemble and separate the dump truck. It will also bear a child's weight so it can be used as a ride on toy.  The double tyres give it an extra strong and non-skid grip on the driving surface.

Attention to detail is a real hallmark of the range with each of the wheeled toys featuring shock absorbing rubber wheels to cushion baby's speed and potential damage to furniture, giving inquisitive toddlers ultimate freedom to roam without worry!

Available in a beautiful natural colour way with cherry red accents or striking cherry red colour way with yellow accents, the Dump Truck is delivered in a flat pack and can be assembled easily and quickly with a unique click key system without the need for any tools. The assembly is a joint, constructive experience for both children and grown-ups later on, the children will be able to assemble the toys themselves.

Critically, for today's environmentally conscious parents, each item is lovingly crafted from wood sourced from sustainable sources. Each toy is designed to encourage toddlers to develop their motor skills confidently and at their own pace.  This stylish Dump Truck will bring years of joy to a family with the quality craftsmanship ensuring it withstands the test of time and boisterous love.

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