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The Moover Rocking Horse is a traditional favourite for all children.  Moover brings high end Danish design to a series of wooden toys created to encourage toddlers to explore the world around them in a fun and safe way.  It is distinctive for the unique way in which it blends traditional craftsmanship with bold, contemporary looks.

The Moover Toys Rocking Horse is fun and instructive and has been designed specifically for very small children.
The design combines the classic rocking horse with a modern look  and introduces the child to the ancient game of  rocking in a safe and fun way.
It is designed with a special brake curve thus ensuring that the horse does not over rock.  This brake works automatically and unnoticed by reducing the speed when the horse reaches its highest point.  It is designed so that your child sits securely in a protected seat and stays in a safe position during the rocking and will be unable to touch the ground. The seat is intentionally made in such a way that it takes some time for the child to climb onto it.

Available in a beautiful natural colour way with cherry red accents or striking cherry red colour way with yellow accents, the Rocking Horse is delivered in a flat pack and can be assembled easily and quickly with a unique ˜click key system™ without the need for any tools. The assembly is a joint, constructive experience for both children and grown-ups later on, the children will be able to assemble the toys themselves.

Critically, for todays environmentally conscious parents, each item is lovingly crafted from wood sourced from sustainable sources.  Each toy is designed to encourage toddlers to develop their motor skills confidently and at their own pace.  This stylish Rocking Horse will bring years of joy to a family with the quality craftsmanship ensuring it withstands the test of time and boisterous love.

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